Welcome To EzekielOx.com

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Zeke Oohh

Hello all and welcome to my new online hub.

First of all I must take this opportunity to send a massive thank you out across cyber space to the one and only Josh Meney, who has helped make my first official website a reality.  From the design of my logo, to setting things up so that I can keep you the loyal fans, obsessed trolls and curious surfers up to date with all of my projects “Past, Present and Future”.

The development of this site is a huge step towards me being able to remove myself from Facebook, which has proven to be a completely inappropriate tool for my career, mainly due to their appalling community standards, close relationships with Government surveillance around the world and functions as one of the great marketing data catchments in the world.  Check out this article for one example of what I mean: http://www.anonsweden.se/?p=5125

Everytime you log on to Zuckerbergs Orwellian machine, you are feeding a corporate machine that is hell bent on building a “perfect prison” of communication networks.

With that in mind every post I make to me “News” section (including this one) with have a comments and reply option beneath it, so you can engage with me and other Ox Crew in healthy, verbose and quality discussion and debate, as you would have on my Facebook feed.  I will be monitoring the page for trolls, bigots and other anti-social types, so we can keep the discussion focused and on topic, whilst enforcing my own community standards of justice, fairness and equality.

You have the power to search the site, or only see Political, Musical or other posts as you wish, so that all the different fans of my brand can engage with me as they wish.  Please feel free to drop me, my agent, my manager of my label a line at the “Contacts” page if there are any ideas you have for us.

Check out the different links (particularly the “EVENTS” page for details of my upcoming National Headline Tour with The Twoks, and for Political actions that I endorse/will be appearing at), browse the “OX TV” Youtube channel in the “VIDEO” section, listen to tracks as they arise on my “MUSIC” page and shop till you drop through my online “STORE”.  We will continue to improve, update and reorder the site as things progress, to make sure that it is reflective (but not reactive) to what is going on right now.

More coming soon, I look forward to this new adventure in cyber land, with you my loyal, fierce and forever dancing fan base.

Big love and music!

Ezekiel Ox